Northants Tri Club is a group of like-minded people who enjoy the unique physical and mental challenge that triathlon brings. Our membership comprises of people from all backgrounds, standards and ages.

The training atmosphere is very friendly. We welcome new members of all standards and meet regularly for swim, bike and run sessions.

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7 Key Components of Fitness - ENDURANCE

Simply: Endurance is the ability to endure....
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Component of fitness 3 _ Endurance

Simply: Endurance is the ability to endure….

For triathletes this translates as the ability of the body to continue over a prolonged period of time predominantly utilizing the aerobic energy system.

In the book: The triathletes training bible, the author Joe Friel, suggests that the level of exertion for endurance training can reach anywhere between Heart Rate Zones 1 ‐ 4, and further explains that this type of training develops slow switch muscle fibres and improves your ability to conserve carb based fuels glycogen and glucose and teaches the muscles to preferentially use fat for energy…. There is a catch though and that is:

you should plan on taking months and even years, rather than days or weeks to fully develop endurance…

Furthermore, It is important that endurance training should be specific for the event (i.e. a sprint training plan probably wouldn’t work for an iron distance, and iron distance training for a sprint is total overkill !!).

Like most elements of fitness there is a spectrum of activities that would fall under endurance training. In its simplest form endurance training with Triathlon may consist of a long steady paced continuous training sessions, such as a 2‐3 hour‐long bike ride, a one hour run or perhaps a half hour swim, at a pace where the participants could hold a conversation with a training partner.

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